NXT Tour S Golf Balls

MSRP: £34.00

You are driven to be the best player you can be. Engineered for high performance, the new NXT Tour and NXT Tour S golf balls will help you reach your potential. Both NXT Tour and NXT Tour S deliver low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance and also offer excellent short game scoring performance and soft feel. Golfers can find an NXT Tour that meets their personal preferences as NXT Tour S provides a softer compression feel and is available in white and high optic yellow.

Player Benefits

  • Outstanding distance
  • Consistent flight
  • Commanding short game spin and control
  • Excellent durability
  • Very soft feel on all shots

Advanced Technology

Proprietary soft compression, highly resilient core

Soft, thin Fusablend cover

New spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design with 4 axis of symmetry

A.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) sidestamp

Player Feedback

Performance Benefits

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