Im on the fence btwn. AP1&AP2's.  they are both such great looking clubs! 

Give them both a try see which suites you best .It also depends what your handicap is the AP1S are more forgiving.Hope this helps.

Hi Michael O

I have a combination of both if that helps. 4 and 5 iron in AP1 and 6 to PW in AP2. The main thing is to get fitted for them if you can. That will really help make your mind up.



Thanks John but this this was not my post it obviously got mixed up with someone else's .

My post was  " I like the look of the look of the new Scotty Cameron  Select  Squareback putter but have been told it's for low handicappers only I'm 19 is this correct?

i have been using the original 2ball for a number of years.

I too am in a quandary, would like to try AP1's, but would prefer to buy a used set, or shop demo' set, so I can make a judgement, any pointers to where I can get a set?