Custom 714 AP2

Morning TT,

First post here from a new convert to Titleist (Driver and woods so far!)..

I had a first class fitting experience from Celtic Manor last Friday 8th November - was fit for 714 AP2 and a couple of vokeys - of course hugely looking forward to gaming them.

Quick question if possible to give guidance?

What is the expected build time on these - 1 week, 2 weeks, a month??!

Just so I can align my expectations.

Many thanks and keep up the good work,

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your comments and welcome to the team... If the clubs have already been ordered, you should expect them within a week as long as every component is in stock.

Please make sure you fill in all your details on Team Titleist and we will also send you out a TT bag tag.



Wonderful - thanks Chris,

Here's hoping for a call from Celtic Manor soon then!!

Have filled out all details so looking forward to my 'team tag!'

Thanks again,

Hi Chris,

Any chance of a TT bag tag?, I joined last year.

Started with a 910 driver Xmas 2011 just ordered ap2 714's. 

Love the brand.


Thanks Chris. Bag tag received will look the part with the new ap2's.