Area: Isle of Wight, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Greater London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire

What do you enjoy most about your role as a Titleist Product Specialist? I enjoy the variety of work, from a different golf club each day to meeting different golfers of all abilities. Each golfer is looking for improvements and trying to find them performance gains with our product in all areas of their game creates a great challenge for each fitting.

What’s the biggest performance gain you’ve seen during a fitting? An elite amateur player using Tour Issue dynamic Golf Onyx X100 shafts in his Vokey SM6 wedges purely based on appearance with the black shafts popped by to check them as he mentioned that he couldn’t generate any spin or stop the ball on the greens. Checked them on the trackman using Pro V1 golf ball, spin was down at about 3000/4000rpm. Switched him into some of our trial wedges with a KBS Stiff shaft as he had in his iron set and the spin shot up to around 10,000rpm giving him the ability to stop the ball on the greens and make a huge difference to his scoring shots.

What’s your favourite part of the bag to fit a consumer for? Probably have to say Putters with Scotty Camerons. Having the correct putter can make big improvements to the golfer and a lot of consumers don’t necessarily take much time over selecting a putter or just go by looks and feel, not realising it’s the only club in the bag that you use every hole and most important. 

What was the first Titleist club you fit a consumer for? In this role as Product Specialist a set of 716 AP2 4-PW.

What’s your golf story? How did you first get in to golf? I started golf at Primary School about age 10, with the Caretaker Sandy Miles, a single figure golfer running an after school club on the school playing fields. I enjoyed all sports but pestered my parents enough to take me to the local driving range for junior group lessons on a Sunday and then progressed to joining Braintree GC in Essex when I was 12 years old. Didn’t look back playing County, regional and National events from then on and then on to do my PGA qualification.

What’s your favourite course to play? Any of the Woburn courses.

What’s your favourite Titleist memory? I attended the Titleist National Fitting Centre for my first full set of clubs when I was about 15 years of ages. Amazing experience and loved the equipment back them too.

Pro V1 or Pro V1xPro V1x

Do you prefer to play in rain or wind? Neither but would have to pick Wind.

Parkland or Links golf? Links

Drive for Show or Putt for Dough?  and explain Drive for Show- As a female golfer most people I play with are surprised how well I hit the ball and how far it goes for a female. But in a tournament situation I would always take the Putt for Dough!