Area: Isle of Wight, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Greater London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire


What do you enjoy most about your role as a Titleist Product Specialist? I really enjoy meeting new people every single day and hearing about their experiences in the game. I also enjoy the challenge of improving people's games. Custom fitting is still relatively unknown to some golfers, so it's great to introduce them to it and help them discover ways to improve their game and have more fun on the golf course.

What’s the biggest performance gain you’ve seen during a fitting? Autumn 2018 during the #TSProject launch. One consumer hit a TS fairway wood 20 yards past his current driver setup consistently.


What’s your favourite part of the bag to fit a consumer for? Hands down Vokey wedges. Having the correct combination of bounce and grind, along with correct distance gapping in a set of wedges can make the world of difference to your game. This area often gets over looked but can be the key to lower scores.

What was the first Titleist club you fit a consumer for? 917 D2 driver with an Aldila Rogue Max 65 Stiff flex shaft at TPI Oceanside, California

What’s your golf story? How did you first get in to golf? I started golfing at my local par 3 course in Brighton when I was about 14 and instantly fell in love with the game. After golfing in the UAE for many years I decided I wanted to pursue a career in golf. After graduating from the Golf Academy of America in San Diego I secured a position at a golf club in Vanvcouver, Canada when an opportunity to join Titleist as Product Specialist presented itself, and have been living the dream ever since!


What’s your favourite course to play? Bandon Dunes

What’s your favourite Titleist memory? Has to be meeting Bob Vokey at TPI Oceanside. The passion Mr Vokey has for his craft is inspiring and him and the team at TPI are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Pro V1 or Pro V1xPro V1. Love the soft feel and spin with irons and wedges.

Do you prefer to play in rain or wind? Wind every time.

Parkland or Links golf? Links. Love golfing on the coast...less trees

Drive for Show or Putt for Dough?  and explain. Putt for dough....much more skill involved with reading greens and judging line and speed. Most room for improvement too.