What do you enjoy most about your role as a Titleist Product Specialist?
The variation of a player's skill and needs makes every fitting unique. What someone might want is different to the next, so no 2 fittings are ever the same. Working at some of the most prestigious and beautiful golf clubs is also pretty cool.

What’s the biggest performance gain you’ve seen during a fitting?
Towards the back end of 2017 a guy at Ipswich GC was looking to replace his 10 year old 3 wood. With the 917 he massively improved dispersion and his distance increased by an average of 32 yards. Needless to say, he was impressed.

What’s your favourite part of the bag to fit a consumer for?
I love fitting people for their short game. Having Bob Vokey and Scotty Cameron's craftsmanship and design for our products means we can fit people into a better short game.


What was the first Titleist club you fit a consumer for?
My first Titleist fitting day was a Scotty Cameron education at Huntercombe GC and it was a Futura 5W 33"

What’s your golf story? How did you first get in to golf?
I first started playing golf when I was around 10 years old with my dad at Girton GC. I stopped playing after a few years and started playing the game seriously when I was 18.

What’s your favourite course to play?
Woburn - Marquess

What’s your favourite Titleist memory?
Jordan Spieth's back 9 of The Open in 2017.

If you weren’t a Titleist Product Specialist, what would you be doing?
I worked in the sales department for Acushnet before I started the Product Specialist role, so hopefully I would still be working for the company in one form or another.

Pro V1 or Pro V1x?
Pro V1x - I prefer a firmer feel around the green

Do you prefer to play in rain or wind?
Neither! If it's not sunny, I'm not playing.

Parkland or Links golf?

Drive for Show or Putt for Dough? and explain
For me, the most important part of the game is on and around the green. The weakest part of my game is my driving, so spending time to practice the short game can save me and anyone a lot of shots.