What do you enjoy most about your role as a Titleist Product Specialist?
Getting consumers to achieve a goal that they believed was unattainable an seeing the "wow" moment on their faces!

What’s the biggest performance gain you’ve seen during a fitting?
One recently was over 30 yards carry and total fitting a consumer into a 917 driver than their old competitor model.

What’s your favourite part of the bag to fit a consumer for?
I have always enjoyed wedges as it is an area most consumers have little knowledge about and can learn and see dramatic improvements.

What was the first Titleist club you fit a consumer for?
710 AP2

What’s your golf story? How did you first get in to golf?
I got into golf by accident. I always loved sport and I became very ill when I was 16. I wanted to stay active and there was a golf course 5 minutes drive away and started from there. I managed to get down to a handicap of 3 in 2 years and was well and truly in love with the game!

What’s your favourite course to play?
Wentworth West Course

What’s your favourite Titleist memory?
Getting my first hole in one in a professional tournament with an AP2 8 iron and a Pro V1x

If you weren’t a Titleist Product Specialist, what would you be doing?
Working at a golf club as a PGA Professional

Pro V1 or Pro V1x?
Pro V1

Do you prefer to play in rain or wind?

Parkland or Links golf?

Drive for Show or Putt for Dough? and explain
Drive for Show as I can't putt....and its fun hitting it past your playing partners!