What do you enjoy most about your role as a Titleist Product Specialist?
The diversity of the role is something I really enjoy, one week I can be working with a multiple major winner and the next I can be fitting someone into their first set of wedges. The enjoyment a player can get from hitting good shots from getting the right club runs through all levels of the game!

What’s the biggest performance gain you’ve seen during a fitting?
Working with players who struggle with a certain shot is always rewarding, working at the launch of SM6 with a player who hit 10 bunker shots with his own wedge and only got 3 out the trap, changed to a 58 K-Grind and straight away managed 7/10 on the green.

What’s your favourite part of the bag to fit a consumer for?
Wedges Obviously!


What was the first Titleist club you fit a consumer for?
915 Driver at Silvermere Driving Range.

What’s your golf story? How did you first get in to golf?
Started aged 14 playing with my Grandad at Burton on Trent Golf Club, turned Pro at 21 and played mini tour golf for 8 years and now enjoying practicing and playing the best courses around the UK while away at Fitting Events. 

What’s your favourite course to play?
Hillside Golf Club, after playing Open Qualifying there a couple of times, the aura and layout of the course are second to non. Lots of good memories!

What's your favourite Titleist memory? Working with Bob Vokey at PGA Tour Event, Bay Hill 2018

If you weren’t a Titleist Product Specialist, what would you be doing?
Working in the golf industry fitting and coaching, playing events and looking for jobs at Titleist. 

Pro V1 or Pro V1x?
Pro V1x - Love the responsive feeling with the putter

Do you prefer to play in rain or wind?
Rain all day long! 

Parkland or Links golf?
Links, less trees the better for me!

Drive for Show or Putt for Dough? and explain
Drive for show! Love shot shaping off the tee and letting lose on the Par 5's.