Using visualisation to hole more putts

From Dan Whittaker On October 26, 2021
A good putting routine can make all the difference especially when the pressure is on. Dan Whittaker shows us how to use visualisation in your routine to improve putting consistency.
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  1. Instructor
  2. Cameron McCormick
  3. James Sieckmann
  4. Mark Blackburn
  5. Michael Breed
  6. Trillium Rose
  7. Jonathan Yarwood
  8. Dave Phillips
  9. Brandon Stooksbury
  10. Justin Parsons
  11. Layne Savoie
  12. Dr. Rob Neal
  13. Dr. Greg Rose
  14. Skip Guss
  15. John Kostis
  16. Ben Blalock
  17. Jennifer Hudson
  18. Corey Lundberg
  19. Tom Patri
  20. Dan Whittaker
  1. Club
  2. Driver
  3. Fairway
  4. Hybrid
  5. Utility Iron
  6. Iron
  7. Wedge
  8. Putter
  1. Drill
  2. Fundamentals
  3. Shot Shaping
  4. Anti-hook
  5. Anti-slice
  6. Alignment
  7. Tight Lie
  8. Long Rough
  9. Bunker Play
  10. Consistency
  11. Distance Control
  12. Trajectory

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