Acushnet Company Announces Sale to Fila Korea and Mirae Asset Private Equity

Earlier today at Acushnet Company's world headquarters in Fairhaven, Mass., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Wally Uihlein made an important announcement concerning the future of Acushnet Company and our industry-leading Titleist and FootJoy brands.

We'd like to share all of the details now with Team Titleist.

It was about five months ago that we came to Team Titleist with the news that our parent company, Fortune Brands, Inc., had approved a plan for the sale or tax-free spin off of Acushnet Company.

This morning, Uihlein informed us that Fortune Brands has signed an agreement for the sale of the company to a group led by Fila Korea, Ltd., the owner of the Fila brand globally, and Mirae Asset Private Equity, the largest private equity firm in Korea.

Uihlein said Fila Korea and Mirae Asset will maintain Acushnet – one of the largest golf equipment companies in the world with annual sales of more than $1.2 billion in 2010 – as a standalone company, keeping the current management team in place and worldwide headquarters (pictured) in Fairhaven, Mass.

“The Acushnet Company has long been the trusted steward of two of golf’s most revered and iconic brands, and has perpetuated the longest running records of golf equipment success in the game,” said Uihlein.

“The Fila Korea and Mirae group understands and appreciates our golf industry leadership, passionate associates, and unique and enduring culture. Together, with our new owners, our team is looking forward to strengthening and building upon the global success of the Titleist and FootJoy brands.”

For more details on the acquistion, please see the press releases linked below from both Acushnet Company and Fortune Brands.

Acushnet Company Press Release (.pdf)
Fortune Brands Press Release (.pdf)

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31 Replies

  1. Jerry C

    I have mixed emotions. I have enjoyed Titleist products for years. Great quality and reputation. I am a little concerned feeling like they are now a foreign company. Hopefully Fila keeps their hands off

  2. Jim T

    Does this sale suggest Titelist will attempt to siign KJ Choi??? That would be a great move I'm presuming you've already begun to discuss.

  3. John H

    I have, for the last twenty years or so,  considered Titleist to be the best supplier of golf balls and equipment.  While other major suppliers were acquired by foreign or domestic entities with inadequate or short sighted visions for the future of the brand,  Titeist remained under competent and stable ownership with an exceptional management group.  I can only hope that the experiences associated with MacGregor, Wilson and others does not befall Titleist once the bloom is off the rose.

  4. Robert O

    Nice to hear their going to keep the company in the area. Why would you want to change a successful operation. Keep up the good work.

  5. Herb T

    any samples given out so that we can try the Ball???

    Great Product

  6. Bill P

    I am lad to see everythin is business as usual. I switched to the AP2's with Proect X shafts and am really happy with the change. FootJoy have always been my shoe of choice because of the fit and durability.

  7. Jerry K

    I could never understand the reason Fortune Brands would want to sell a company as profitable as Titleist has been and the sales leader in three seperate criteria, balls, shoes and gloves.  All Titleist did was make money, lots and lots of money.  Pro V1s own the ball market.  I have a feeling that Fortune Brands will regret this transaction in the future.

  8. Joe R

    I hope that they don't make any drastic changes to a proven and succesfull operation in both Footjoy and Titeist brands. Good luck to you all.

  9. Jim W

    Sounds like its a good marriage of great brands.

  10. Don E

    Another American Icon gone Asian. I hope keeping the headquarters in US helps keep the quality of the product and integrity of the Company intact.

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