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Joey L

  • Chico, Ca
  • November 29
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9.5/A-1/Neutral weight/Diamana xtra stiff/mid-size tour velvet


13.5/C-3/Neutral weight/Diamana xtra stiff/mid-size tour velvet


19/A-1/Tense extra stiff/mid-size tour velvet

718 AP2

X100/mid-size Tour velvet

Vokey SM6

46/F grind

Vokey SM6

50/F grind

Vokey SM6

54/F grind

Vokey SM6

58/K Grind

Scotty Cameron Other

Circa 62 Tour Prototype/Gallery Putter

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  1. 5 days ago

    Joey L started a discussion

    Loyalty Program?

    I’ve been a loyal Titleist buyer since 1999. Like many of you, I’ve spend what would be considered by many people to be crazy amounts of money on Titleist, Scotty Cameron,...

  2. 6 days ago

    Joey L responded to a discussion

    Team Titleist Invitational