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michael s

  • tampa, FL
  • July 21
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Speeder 757 x stiff 44" 8.5*


Speeder 84 42.5" x flex


21* project x steel 7.0

716 AP2

project x steel 7.0 4-pw

Vokey Design Wedges

sm7 54* project x 7.0

Vokey Design Wedges

sm7 60* project x 7.0

Vokey SM6

50* project x 7.0

Scotty Cameron Other

studio Newport 2

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  1. Last week

    michael s started a discussion

    Project x 7.0 available in 818?

    Is the project x 7.0 steel shaft available in the 818 hybrids?

  2. Last year

    michael s responded to a discussion


  3. 3 years ago

    michael s started a discussion

    titleist 9.5 staff bag

    I want to purchase a titleist 9.5 staff bag but I can not find any images of one.  All I can find is the 10.5 with the two ball pockets.  does anyone have any images...

  4. 3 years ago

    michael s started a discussion

    Thinking about moving to 915 d2 from 910 d3

    I went and hit the 915 d2 and d3 today and I was wandering how does the 915 d2 compare to the 910 d3 as far as spin and launch angle.

  5. 3 years ago

    michael s started a discussion

    7.5* Left Handed 915 Driver.

    Another couple years and still there is not 7.5 degree option for lefties.