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Vokey Design Wedges

Vokey Fitting

Anyone on here ever done the Vokey Experience? I am in need of new wedges and want to get the perfect fit. As i read it, it...

Vokey Design Wedges

Wedge set up

Which wedges set up you members carry in the bag, mine is a 8,10,12 and 10. For my 46-50-54-58. I want to add a few sm7 and...

Vokey Design Wedges

Jet Black SM7

I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of black clubs, but these things are ridiculously good looking. I don’t have any yet...maybe next...

Vokey Design Wedges


I carry a 50 F, 54 S and a 58 S Vokeys. It was the perfect set up for me in the SM5s. But for some reason I have struggled...

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