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Full Cord Titleist Grip [ Mil-Spec ]

Steve S

Hey All,

I am in desperate need of one of the black full cord "crown" grips ( link below ) that came factory on some of the Mil-Spec Pro Platinums.

My email is

Thanks all!

Post Image

4 Replies

  1. John p

    That's the same grip I have on my 1999 Pro Platinum Laguna Two. I too would be interested if they are available anywhere.
  2. Bruce S

    Too bad I just gave four of them away several months ago.
  3. fred k

    john p, i may have something for you - email me:

  4. Leo R

    I am not sure how much they are worth but I have 2 brand new black and 2 new red baby t grips somewhere around the house.

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