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Club Cameron

Steve W

I would just like to ask why both Club Cameron membership and Cameron Creations are only available via the USA.  I would have thought that the service would attract sufficient interest for it to be offered for UK/European to avoid expensive postage rates.

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your post - The Cameron Studio is continually monitoring the demand for Club Cameron and Cameron Creations in ex-US markets. As the Cameron franchise continues to grow globally, the number of Cameron loyalists worldwide grows with it. It is therefore certainly possible that Scotty Cameron will make products and services such as Club Cameron and Cameron Creations available in other markets.

    Currently however, this exists primarily to service the US market. Whilst there are opportunities for ex-US consumers to join Club Cameron and purchase Cameron Creations it should be noted that this is a cross-market purchase which will incur certain freight and/or duty costs.

    As I'm sure you can appreciate it's not always viable to offer all products and services in every market but we continue to listen to our valued Team Titleist members to better understand the needs and wants that exist within the marketplace.

    Hope this helps

  2. Ben W

    Sadly, no good news about availability outside of the USA. It is really frustrating that whilst the putters are available, supporting merchandise is not.  This includes basic items such as grips and weights.  If Titleist as a brand supports customisation of their products to a customer's specifications, surely this should be extended to putters?

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Ben,

    Understanding your frustrations, we do offer a few of the services to which you refer in Europe. For example, there is a service available to return putters for weights to be changed - this can be arranged via your pro or authorised Titleist stockist. Additionally, authorised Titleist stockists can order putter grips - and whilst this may not be the full range of custom grips, it does enable re-gripping to be carried out.

    We are feeding back comments from Team Titleist members to the Scotty Cameron Studio and will continue to monitor the situation.

    Kind regards

  4. Martin T

    What exactly is the OP looking for?

    It is perfectly possible to join Club Cameron and get the annual kit as well as the releases (such as the recent St Patrick's Day head cover) outside the US. These are shipped with UPS and you will pay VAT on arrival in the UK on the cost of goods and shipping.

    It is also possible to send putters to the Cameron studio for customisation and/or authentication. These will be returned via FedEx and they do not normally attract VAT as they are a 'repair and return' item. 

    I have used both of these on multiple occasions. Shipping is also pretty fast, usually 48 hours to the UK, and the VAT is quickly handled by the courier, unlike the painfully slow processes used by Parcelforce which I now avoid at all costs.

  5. Hayden

     My putter just came back brilliant job would recommend, but VAT man will get you 

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