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shaft selection

ian h

which shaft - hi I have a 910fd 13.5 3 wood with a reg kali shaft in c2 position and i hit it miles. I cant seem to get the same results from my d2 driver 9.5 with stiff kali shaft irrespective what setting i put it in. do i need a different shaft? I hit a high ball generally but have superb ball flight with the 910 fd 3 wood 

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  1. St Helena Boy


    I believe there are 3 Kai'li shafts in STIFF flex: 61gsm, 68gsm and 78gsm.

    Not sure which one you have but shaft weights make all the my opinion.

    Also as I understand it all of the Kai'li shaft have a Mid/High kick point which I guess is for a normal flight (but to me this is subjective).

    I use a D3 head but I also had a tendency to hit the ball high with a Mid/High kick point shaft as it generated to much spin so I moved to a Diamana shaft with a High kick point.

    The Second Generation Diamana "Ahina" series offer 3 shafts in a STIFF flex with a High kick point but for me my personal preference was the Diamana White Board "Flower-Band". It has been the most consistent in reducing spin and maintaining a boring flight.

    I ordered this through my pro shop. I'm not sure if this is a standard issue from Titleist but i'm sure a good pro shop would fit an adapter.




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