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chris p

I've seen the images of the new 714mb irons and wondered when they'll be released :))

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  1. James M

    I read somewhere November 8th

  2. KennyH230

    Hi Chris, just picked up today's golfer and there was an article about the new 714's and it mentioned that release would be around 8th Nov, I got fitted for the 712 Ap2 when they first came out and if I remember correctly it was about nov I received them. I love my irons but looking at these new ones its like them saying come a buy me, they look absolutely fantastic! Hope this helps.. Cheers 


  3. chris p

    Thanks for you're replies I've been away a while and and there's something and the shiny new clubs that draws you in as I've only had my 712 mb's about a year lol

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