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Cost & time for custom fitting?

Terry A

Apologies if this has been the subject of a previous discussion but I obviously haven't found it!

Could someone tell me:

a) the cost of a visit to St Ives for a custom fitting session for woods & irons and

b) how long does it take?


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  1. Chris B

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the question.  In order to get yourself booked into one of our National Fitting Centres, you just nede to pop into a local Titleist retailer, and they will book you in.  The sessions are an hour for a category fit, or 2 hours for a full line fit. 

    I am also pleased to say that the new 714 irons are available to be fitted now.



  2. Terry A

    Thanks Chris. And the cost for the "full line fit"?

  3. Mark

    Hi Chris,

    I just got confirmation from my local club professional that I have a fitting appointment next week at St Ives. And I've just seen the comment above that the new 714 irons are available to be fitted - great news.

    Already I have to say how easy it was to book this through the club pro - it took about 10 minutes total.

    One question I have though - do I need to take my current clubs with me?



  4. Barry K


    it is possible to download the 2013 Club Option Brochure?

    kind regards


  5. Chris B

    hi Mark,

    Great to hear that you have got an appointment.  I would strongly suggest you take your current set to let us compare everything and get the exact spec you are looking for.

    Let us know how you get on.




  6. Mark

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks - I did take my old clubs with me - which was kind of vital!! As a note it was 40 GBP which you pay to the club pro who booked the appointment for you.

    The fitting was brilliant - the main thing for me is it takes away the question that was always in the back of my mind as to whether I had the right clubs, shaft flex etc. Now I know exactly what's what and more importantly why. 

    Paul Thomson is great - very knowledgeable and really looks to see what works for your swing - not just on how tall, short etc you are. He went out of his was to make sure the service was first class.

    And on top of the above coincidently the brand new 714's were available for fitting. I have the old 990's so haven't had new clubs for around 12 years or so. While the clubs are not completely different in look - they are obviously to some degree - for me the feel of the AP 2 is just awesome. I don't play as much as I would like to so as a low handicapper a club which gives me more forgiveness still with the small head bladed look is spot on. Additionally the Driver fitting was fascinating with regards to finding out which set up gives you the strongest performance in regards to the club face and ball you use - which by the way are Prov 1's or x's at the fitting.

    Only downer is I have to wait till Nov 8 to get the Irons! The driver how ever is on order!!

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to understand more about their own set up and clubs if not just to get that piece of mind of knowing they are the correct clubs for your swing.

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind Regards,


  7. Tony A

    Would like to thank Titleist St Ives for my fitting on Tuesday 8th. I was fitted for some new AP2's  by Paul Thompson. I Was treated great and made to feel really comfortable. The only disappointment I have is I have to wait until November 8th before as I can receive my order. I must say Paul did tell me this before the fitting. Would recommend this as must to anyone thinking of purchasing new irons. Thanks again Titleist. 

  8. Chris B

    Hi Barry,

    With the launch of the new irons this November, we have created a PDF brochure explaining all the features and benefits of these.

    We will plan to update the full club brochure early in 2014.



  9. Ross P

    Hi Terry,

    booked my custom fit through an off course retailer for new ap2's 714, no charge!!

    6 pro v1's with the order if through the retailer you book the custom fit with, bonus.


  10. Dax C

    Hello Chris,

    The titleist retailers near to me offer their own custom fit service but If i want to come to st Ives will they book me in?

  11. D C

    Hi Ross,

    Which  off course  retailer did you use? My local ones want me to use there more basic fitting service I don't want this much prefer to go to st ives



  12. Chris B

    Yes no problem, any Titleist authorised retailer can book an appointment for our National Fitting Centres.




  13. Ross P

    Hi Dax,  I used my local National Off Course retailer, hassle free and efficient.

    Definitely recommend going to st Ives if you know you want titleist choice of shafts and expertise make the fitting experience really good, and I have tried a few retail fittings before.

    let me know how it goes.


  14. Derek M

    I travelled across to Kings Acre in Edinburgh for my fitting. The cost was £40 for a 45 minute fitting. Please note, this is not refundable in terms of it coming off any order made but was worth the trip as the fitter was excellent.

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