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714 irons AP1 and AP2 Mixed Set

Nigel R


I have a fitting booked at St.Ives next week and enquiring as to the possibility of of an AP1 and AP2 mixed set? I will of course attend the fitting with an open mind but this option appeals to me if it proves possible or correct. I currently have AP1 712 in 4 to PW but if possible would like to explore the opportunity to have my shorter irons in AP2


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  1. Chris B

    Hi Nigel,

    It is definitely possible to get a combo set of any make up.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Centre.  let us know how it goes.




  2. Nigel R

    Hi Chris,

    Just to say thanks to Paul for my excellent fitting last week despite my being a difficult customer :-)

    Borderline between AP1 and AP2 so decided to go with the AP1's for those bad hitting days although it is anyway the correct club for me.

    Looking forward to their arrival and hopefully then the rain will have stopped by then!

    Thanks again



  3. Chris B

    Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for the reply and glad to hear you had a great experience at our national Fitting Centre.  Please keep us up to date as to how the new clubs feel.



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