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Michael O

Im on the fence btwn. AP1&AP2's.  they are both such great looking clubs! 

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  1. john h

    Give them both a try see which suites you best .It also depends what your handicap is the AP1S are more forgiving.Hope this helps.

  2. Phil G

    Hi Michael O

    I have a combination of both if that helps. 4 and 5 iron in AP1 and 6 to PW in AP2. The main thing is to get fitted for them if you can. That will really help make your mind up.



  3. Michael O

    Thanks John but this this was not my post it obviously got mixed up with someone else's .

    My post was  " I like the look of the look of the new Scotty Cameron  Select  Squareback putter but have been told it's for low handicappers only I'm 19 is this correct?

    i have been using the original 2ball for a number of years.

  4. TERRY S

    I too am in a quandary, would like to try AP1's, but would prefer to buy a used set, or shop demo' set, so I can make a judgement, any pointers to where I can get a set?

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