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TT Bag Tag


Been a TT member for over a year. Have taken part in two product tests and provided feed back. Would love to have a TT bag tag to display on my new Titleist golf bag bought at Christmas. Would be so grateful if TT could let me have one, or tell me what I need to do to be eligible for one. Many thanks. TomA

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  1. richard f

    You just have to take part in discussions and hope your selected
  2. Tony H

    TomA I'm in the same boat! I have loads of Titleist equipment (woods,carry bag and tour bag to name a few) and was wondering what we in the UK have to do to get any Team Titleist merchandise?
  3. Tony H

    TomA, I'm also in the same boat. I have lots of Titleist equipment and was wondering what we have to do in the UK to get some Team Titleist merchandise?
  4. Paul C

    Hi Tom,

    What product tests were you lucky enough to be selected for?
    Would love to be able to do something like that in the future.

    Good luck with the Bag Tag hunt.

  5. Tony H

    I'm in the same boat TomA. I was also wondering when Team Titleist merchandise will be available to the UK team? Or at least how I can apply for some.
    Post Image
  6. TomA

    Thanks Richard F
  7. TomA

    Thanks Tony H.
    Maybe we’ll get a response from someone in Team Titleist?
  8. TomA

    Hi Paul.
    Yes, I have been involved in two previous ball tests.
    Guess it’s a little like getting a TT bag tag - It’s the luck of the draw in getting selected.
  9. Paul C

    As Richard has said, make sure your profile is 100% complete and just continue to be active within the discussions and hopefully you should be lucky in the near future.

    Good luck

  10. augusto r

    JANUARY 12, 2018 AT 11:49AM
    Hi, all.

    For anyone who hasn’t received a bag tag, just tap the link below, complete the form, and we'll get a new TT bag tag out to you.

    Thanks for being a part of Team Titleist!

  11. RHolmes

    Hi tom
    Keep yourself active with the discussions on here that is the best way! I was lucky enough too do a few events last year which were all amazing. Met some great people through this so hopefully you will get too do the same this year!!
    Good luck for the season and good luck in getting ur bag tag!!
  12. augusto r

    Hi everyone! If you haven't received a bag tag and are interested in donning one on your bag, all you have to do is fill out this form. Please keep in mind that it will take a few weeks to process and ship.

    Thanks for your passion to represent Team Titleist!

    Team Titleist Staff
  13. TomA

    Thanks RHolmes.
    All the best for the coming season.
  14. TomA

    Thanks Abby.
    I’ve submitted the form as you suggested and hope I’m lucky to receive a Team Titleist bag tag.
    Thanks again for your reply.
  15. Tony H

    Thanks for your reply Abby but the problem is the link you've sent is only open to US residents and as were in the UK there lies the problem.
    Thank you.
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