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Titleist fitting services

Ron B

I am considering booking a Titleist fitting online. Is there a charge for this or any obligation to purchase?

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  1. Barry B

    The Titleist Thursday events are no charge and there is no obligation to purchase (although if you do you may get a break on price).
  2. Chris R

    For the Titleist Thursdays no there is not.
  3. Don O

    Titleist Thursdays have no charge and no obligation. Other than a courtesy to the local club that offers it's site. For other fitting sites, the fitting fee is negotiable with any purchase. The Titleist sites (Oceanside/Manchester) have a fee and you have to purchase from your personal dealer.
  4. Dale V

    The on-line Titleist Thursday's events are free and there is no obligation. You will get their recommendations and can use them however you see fit. That said, most events take place at a registered Titleist provider who will give you a good deal on any clubs you order from them.

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