is there any cheaper good balls?

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By csparks

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  1. i am just starting out after stopping for awhile and i am on a budget is there any golf balls that aren't the price of a PV1 but still close to the same quality?

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    All Titleist golf balls are manufactured to stringent quality standards. Since price point is important, you might want to consider trying the Tour Soft or TruFeel balls. Both balls have good all-around performance and they are at a lower price point than the Pro V's. Try a sleeve of each.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    So, the price of golf balls incorporates cost of manufacturing and materials. If you want the best ball made with the best materials and extensive manufacturing and quality control, those will be at the higher price point. As you move down the price line you start to have some trade off in capabilities going down to the lowest price options of a standard two-piece ball. Lots of people are comfortable playing TruFeel at the lowest price point. It's a great ball. Others like the Velocity or Tour Soft and find the mid-price point worth the results they get. Most accomplished players prefer the ProV1/ProV1x/AVX options. Only you can decide what performance trade offs work within your own budget. I'd say, if you do not tend to lose many balls OB/water, go for top line balls. If you go through too many, too often, hit the lower priced balls or find prior generation or logo overruns.
  4. Jay-C


    You’re not gonna find a cheap golf ball close to the quality you get in a ProV1 or ProV1x unless you go DTC brand. Play something like a AVX that is going to give you similar results to high end ball. Last thing you want is to get frustrated think your golf game is poor when it’s the ball that is hurting you.
  5. Short answer no, but 2nd best in my opinion is the tour soft.
  6. JDobkin

    Los Angeles

    I play ProV1 and while I am a Titleist freak there are options out there that get you close. srxn Qstar tour on the big box side, as well as vice and snell for direct to consumer. I play a couple tracks where lost balls happen on decent shots. And will break out an off brand if my swing isn’t great that day. There is no shame in buying a lower price point ball. And if you stay in the family Tour Soft is a great ball.
  7. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    No publication that reviews golf balls ever questions the quality of Titleist balls. For good reason. "It's the best".

    That said, urethane balls will almost always work better around the green. Even a lost Pro-V is only about $1 a ball over a better ionomer covered ball. If that is still an issue, Titleist has traditionally held a 4 dozen for 3 in the early spring, and other vendors offer then and holiday and Father's Day sales as well.

    The Direct to Consumer contract their production, so quality and availability are often a risk. Using the same ball consistently allows you to know what happens when you strike it well.


    Try the Tru Feel or Velocity balls. Less expensive gamers, but still a quality ball. Just my 2cents....madgolfer hitemstraight
  9. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    You get what you pay for my friend. Buy the titleist.
  10. FRED L

    FRED L
    Centerport, NY

    It's a Titleist or it isn't?
  11. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    Why not buy "pre-owned"? Ebay has tons of balls, most Play It Again stores have bins of used balls and even Craigslist has sellers. And yes you can find Titleists!
  12. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Check out sites such as Carl's Golfland, Golf Locker, TGW, PGA Superstore and Dick's for such things as Pro V1 logo overruns, x-outs and practice balls, all quality balls at greatly reduced prices.
  13. Not that i know of ‍♂️ I was playing a Tour Soft i found on the course today and that was a really steady ball didn't loose it either which was nice. One thing to note they don't spin like a ProV1 unfortunately.
  14. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    I have been using the Tour Soft ball for a couple of years now, and I find its performance meets my golf player wishes. Last Christmas, I told myself that when I get to a single digit handicap, I would switch to Pro V1 or Pro V1X. Perhaps neither thing will ever happen, however, I enjoy playing golf with my Tour Soft Titleist balls.
  15. I have been watching MyGolfSpy on youtube and they have found some very very interesting results on golf balls, especially with the DTC market. Example there is a company in China producing 10 million golf balls permonth for teh DTC market. And when you put all these different balls side by side....... well you will be surprised! Also these same guys have taken a lot of golf balls and hacked them open and found some, lets say quality control issues.
    Now while Titleist ProV1 may be pricy, it is made in the US, and the QC is unsurpassed. I dont know if the rest of Titleist line up are made here or not, but I would suspect the QC on ALL of Titleist balls will be top notch. And by far the most R and D behind any of their products within the industry.
    If ProV1 is out of the range, DO NOT buy used or refurbished, choose another of their line. They have a few and I can attest ALL play exactly as they say on the box, as I myself have had a dozen of them all and played them all.
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  17. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist is now entering the "urethane ball for the rest of us market" on Friday with the TourSpeed. Others in the under $40 urethane ball market include Q-Star Tour and Tour Response. It is made in Ball Plant #2 in a new area, so you won't have to worry about quality or who made it.
  18. So, the question to me is what do you want and then what do you want to spend. I wanted to try a matte color ball. I wanted a ball that sounded good or at least not weird off the face. I wanted a ball that provides good iron distance because I find I tend to come up a little short of the green with my irons. I also hoped for a ball that tends to go as straight as possible. Less susceptable to side spin if possible. I wanted to pay around $32-$35 a dozen.

    I had a playoff amoung Bridgestone E12 red matte, Volvik vivid matte blue, Titlesist Tru Feel red matte, and Titleist Velocity matte orange and green. After going to the range and doing short-game work 3 diff days, chipping, putting, and pitching, the Bridgestone E12 soft red matte and Titleist Velocity matte orange emerged and went on to the full swing final.

    The winner...Titleist Velocity matte orange. It does a lot of things well but what it does best, in my opinion, is improve my concentration. I can't scientifically prove it but I have made the BEST shots with it. Even better then Velocity Green. It really looks great in bright sun, overcast dark, and dusk. It went farther, by 5-8 yards with 7 iron then Bridgestone which is a nice ball also. It sounds and feels ok, not amazing like some other balls. But, the performance on driver, irons, wedge and putter is great!! All shots. No, it won't back up six feet like a pro v1 but I don't need it to. I hit short of target, it bites, and rolls a little more. No prob. It gets to the hole on puts. Softer balls just don't get to the hole on puts. If ball doesn't get to hole, it cant go in. This does. Again, I think this is a solid ball that HELPS my concentration, or ball striking because of the color. And, the kicker, is it goes for $27 a dozen at golf galaxy. Heck, I can buy an extra dozen and play around at range with these balls!! I do hope titlelist makes the target mark on next years velocity like tru feel. That's the only thing I would like to see different. In the end, we want it all in a ball. Feel, sound, distance, bite, and accuracy. But what is going to help you play better?? I believe Title is on to something with the combo of the ball construction AND the color. Improved CONCENTRATION meets a good ball.

    I put the work in. I did some homework, and I found a great ball that helps me play better. Velocity matte orange. Buy a sleeve and try them!

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