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917 Metals Feedback

Have you tested or been fit for new 917 Metals yet?  We want to hear your feedback.What did you think of the overall sound, feel and ball...

Golf Balls

New Test Balls

I've tried the new test balls over 3 rounds. Was very happy with the sound, spin and solid roll. The distance they gave...

Golf Clubs

917F head weight

Hi, if I get a Diamana D+ 80 shaft in a 917F head, what weight do you recommend. I currently game a 913fd with a Blue 10g...

Golf Balls

Test Balls

Mike, Thanks for including me in your test group. I tried the balls marked "test" on them last Sunday. My usual...

Golf Balls


Played the " black " sleeve of balls with little fan fair. They seemed a little harder coming of the club face of...

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