New 2013 test ball tried and tested


First of all thanks for sending me 3 new PRO V1 test balls.

The first time I tried the ball I found it hard as the ball was flying up to half a club further, thus throwing my yardages out on my irons. After I adjusted for this the ball performed great even in the winter conditions.

I used the balls on three different days in different weather conditions windy, wet and dry. the ball performed similar to the old ball on the wet and windy days but I found the performance of the new ball on the dry day increased.


DRIVER: The ball had a good flight and a nice feel

IRONS: The ball travelled further, the ball stopped good and was durable.

WEDGES: the ball performed well with the SM4 wedges I was able to control the flight and spin even with the harder cover. The durability has increased from the old one

PUTTER: I felt the new ball gave me a better feel on the greens equalling more confidence.

I will be purchasing the new ball on release ready for the season ahead.


         I feel, a little bit jealous you got the new prov balls to test ,

         but you failed to say how they preformed in the SNOW

         i live in BULGARIA and have been looking at snow for the past two months anything from 5cm to 2m

         you could lose a ball in that .    But looking forward to march the tempature rises and the greens look good

         Golf here is for locals out of the question 55 to 85 euro  a round thats over a weeks pay for some here ,

        380e a MONTH is good pay. so at the poor mans course 800e a year membership i will save as i go .

         I ALSO FEEL SAD, i bought 8dz before i came out here as they are very hard to get with the exception of the elite course

        the european tour comes to 2013/2014 year (I WILL NOT BE THERE AS IT IS A MEMBERS ONLY PRIVATE COURSE )

        elitist golf ,    you are not able to join unless you own a propety at the place or they will make exceptions ie you have money.

        and a Mercedes.

 craig you play well this season and most of all have fun.

                                                                                            Thomas BG

How could I get my hands on these test balls

Would love to try them out and get back to you!

Let me know

hi could you tell me how you get chosen to test titleist balls do you have to be a low handicap golfer

Hi Jake and Kevin,

We will be doing some sampling of new 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x to a sample of Team Titleist members over the coming weeks. The sample is random, with a slight bias to those with the most complete Team Titleist profiles - for your best chance of being included, just make sure your profile is up to date.

It's not done on the basis of handicap.

Hope this helps.

Hi Neil

please include me on your list of team members wanting to test the new ballsl

Hi Kevin,

It's a random selection process, drawn from those Team Titleist members with the most complete profiles - make sure your profile is as up to date as possible to maximise your chances of being included.