913 Hd custom order


When can I place a custom order for a 913 hd hybrid ? Have asked at my pro's shop and he originally said mid march ?? 



Hi Jonathan,

You can place a custom order now - 913Hd is an in-line product.

Hope this helps.

hi Neil

sorry to hijack this thread but I don't know how to start my own discussion?..
(please feel free to move my comments to a relevant/new thread)

I recently purchased my 913hd 23degree with KBS shaft S after a fitting.

I am happy with my purchase but I offer a few observations of disappointment:

1)The headcover I got with it is for the 913H and does not say 913HD.the accompanying tag also only has options to display 24/21/19/17 degrees in the window whereas my club is as stated :23 degrees.
a small oversight but very surprising and disappointing that Titleist didn't seemingly design to the smallest detail(small details are what makes things perfect or just adequate!)

2)During the fitting I was recommended KBS hybrid Stiff shaft in 120gram shaft weight, but on arrival I had the KBS Tour S.
It has been explained to me this IS the correct shaft but I am not so sure and require an official explanation please.
is there a hybrid shaft or is the KBS Tour(S) the correct one?

3)I have never hit a club so straight as I have with this one. penetrating ball flight and nice soft landing(esp with the 2013 prov1x!)

OVERALL an amazing club.


PS what does "in-line product" mean please?


The reason that there is no specific 913Hd headcover is that it is an extension to the 913H range and, as you know, only available as a custom order. Because of that, it is forecast in lower numbers and the cost of creating a separate headcover would likely add to the cost (a little unnecessarily).

Regarding the shaft, we only have one KBS hybrid shaft and that is the KBS Tour - this is different to the KBS Tour iron shaft, as the hybrid shaft is stepless to accommodate the fact that it is parallel tipped. Therefore, if you were fit for a stiff KBS shaft during your hybrid fitting, you would undoubtedly have used the KBS Tour S.

Finally, "in-line" means that it is a current product.

Hope this clarifies.