Bounce Options

No matter how much i research, i dont know what bounce options to choose. Can someone help me. I play off 6, my sandwedge is predominantly used around the green from 50 yds in, nipped off the turf, for hopefully a one  bounce stop kind of principle. I currently have a spin milled 56 deg 8 deg, it's worn out needs replacing and i dont know whether to stick with what i know or venture out into the unknown...? I have a relatively steep angle of attack, no real turf taken and often play during the summer months...!

Thanks in advance..



Hi Guy,

Thanks for your question. Given what you are saying, it is very hard to recommend a certain bounce.  Usually someone with a steep angle of attach takes a divot, and so should be looking for a bit more bounce, but you are saying that you don't take any turf.

If you can let us know the area you live in, I can guide you to a couple retailers that have wedge demos for you to try and find the correct spec.