futura x putter

I currently use a futura putter (although it isn't a mallet) and was interested in the new futura X. However i have struggled to find someone that has one to try out in the Glasgow area. I was told more stockist would have access to the futura x after dec 2013. can you help locate the nearest stockist to my area where I could try out this putter

Hi there, thank you for your post. Here is a link where you can locate your nearest Titleist Sotckist. 


I hope this helps.



Matt, I have access to the Titleist stockist- however it is info on whom has a future x putter- I have tried several local stockists and they say they aren’t stocking that model?
Can you help identify a local stockist who will have one to try in the shop?
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I am sorry but there is no way of us being able to say which exact accounts have stock of them at any point. If you talk to your local stockist, they may be able to tell you when they are expecting a delivery of stock.




re the futura x I believe the head weight for a 35" is 350g but that this model is available as a custom order in heavy. How much heavier is the 'heavy' if ordered at 35.5" ?