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The New ProV1/ProV1X

Just wondering when we can expect to be able to purchase the new ball? Also, will Titleist be offering the loyalty offer of 4 for 3 doz as in the...


TT Bag Tags

I see on Instagram that some new TT bag tags are being delivered. I sure hope they make their way up to the Canadian TT...


New TT bag tags

Would just like to commend Titleist on the updated 2017 bag tags they designed. The previous white ones were great looking ,...


Thank you TT

I just wanted to say thank you to TT, for the sleeves of 2017 Pro v1 and Pro V1x, can't wait to get back out on the...


Do You or Don't You ???

Everyone has their own way of marking their Titleist ball so they can identify it when it ends up in an unplanned location....


Avoid the Ceiling ?

It is cold and snowy outside now, and will be for at least three more months :) I have been putting in my basement and can...


917 F3 Specs

Hi Mitch, I'm having trouble finding some specs on the 917 fairways. Is the stock D2 swingweight carried over from from...

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