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Masters 2017 Winner

I just can't decide who my favorite is this year - it was Jason Day. Outside that i'm thinking Rory, Speith, DJ and the usual suspects. Does...


Masters Visit

It is almost time for the Masters !!!! I love watching the Masters on the tube. It looks so beautiful through the lens of...


Spring Break Roadtrip

Made a Thursday visit to Bay Hill this week. Met lots of fellow Canadians. I had about 20 people ask me "where did you...


ProV Loyalty

I have a couple questions around the ProV1 loyalty promotion. Is this going to be available at Golftown? Also, do the...


Scotty Cameron Event Canada

Hi Mitch and TT, I hope you are all finding a way to keep the rust off, spring is almost here. After seeing the upcoming...


Course Opening

Been told the course I play is on schedule to open April 16th..... After a winter of a complete bag changeover, I can't...

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