Scotty Cameron real or fake?!

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Team Titleist Staff

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Addsy,

Difficult to tell via a few pictures. I have sent the images to a colleague in the US, but the best thing to do is to speak to your pro, ask them to contact our returns department and request a collection of the putter to be authenticated here in St Ives.

Best regards

Martin T

It looks like a retail Oil Can with yellow dots added to look like the Tour dots sometimes seen on Tour Camerons, such as this one:

Putter looks genuine enough, but the dot is rather questionable.


Surely there will be a serial number on the shaft or hosal that can be checked on a production data base? i know all my Titleist clubs have serial numbers on?.


I believed that older style camerons didn't have any serial numbers, only recent putters such as the 2013 select line? 

angus k

it looks real