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Nick T

Morning TT,

First post here from a new convert to Titleist (Driver and woods so far!)..

I had a first class fitting experience from Celtic Manor last Friday 8th November - was fit for 714 AP2 and a couple of vokeys - of course hugely looking forward to gaming them.

Quick question if possible to give guidance?

What is the expected build time on these - 1 week, 2 weeks, a month??!

Just so I can align my expectations.

Many thanks and keep up the good work,

Team Titleist Staff

Chris B

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your comments and welcome to the team... If the clubs have already been ordered, you should expect them within a week as long as every component is in stock.

Please make sure you fill in all your details on Team Titleist and we will also send you out a TT bag tag.



Nick T

Wonderful - thanks Chris,

Here's hoping for a call from Celtic Manor soon then!!

Have filled out all details so looking forward to my 'team tag!'

Thanks again,

Ross P

Hi Chris,

Any chance of a TT bag tag?, I joined last year.

Started with a 910 driver Xmas 2011 just ordered ap2 714's. 

Love the brand.


Ross P

Thanks Chris. Bag tag received will look the part with the new ap2's.