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David LM

Please leave all feedback here...


David TT

Chris B

Received my little bag in the post this morning - 2 sleeves of balls, one with red numbers , one with black numbers.  Looking forward to getting out on the course to put these through their paces. A big thanks to Titleist for giving us consumers the chance to test new products.

maurice b

Just got back home from our Winter Matchplay League game, which we won thanks to my new found winter ball - Titleist Velocity ( a ball that flies off the face, is as soft as the NXT Tour with a dispersion pattern like the DT So/Lo) - to find a package containing the test balls. So just want to say many thanks T for this opportunity and look forward to finding out how the 'Test Balls' stack up against this terrific winter ball. All the best, Mo

Darren s

Hi could you tell me if titleist do branded birthday cards as me and my son are massive titleist fans and it's his 17th birthday on 22nd nov Thanks darren Stockdale

Paul P

Hi, I received 6 prototype balls this morning in the post, marked 'test' so I do not actually know what they are in terms off model.

I took them out today and played 18 holes.  First impressions were that they felt very nice off the putter, a softer feel with less noise than the PRO V1X I currently play.

They feel nice off the driver with good distance, they feel a little firm off my short irons and definitely did not grip or check on short chip and pitch shots.  They did spin on full wedge and short iron shots.

I noticed no difference in flight to my existing PRO V1X.

They did not scuff up at all, so good durability.

In summary, felt really nice off the putter, no noticeable difference in distance or flight to my PRO V1X, felt a little firm off short and mid irons, did not spin as much as I would like on chips and pitches.


Paul Pearce

paul b

Thanks Titleist, recieved my test balls today will try asap.

Shane F

I found both balls to be very good on the course and playing with them was very easy. Distance wise I would find the red one's to be more effective on average but the blacks around the green. If I were to choose I would pick red for the distance but it also has good bite on the green. Either ball depends on which type of player you are. These prototypes give me great hope for much to come in the future. I will continue to use Titleist religiously on the course.



Phill E

Thanks for the test balls.  Played this morning with one of them, black numbered.  Don't know if this was just in my head but seemed to go further with good centre hits.  Added about 20 yards to a couple of drives.  Good feel and spin on the green from full wedges.  Felt soft off the putter face and needed a little more to get the ball to the hole.  

Seemed a good ball for my game and I look forward to using this ball again.  Thanks for the chance to test.  

steve c

Hi david thx for sending me the test balls...I played with them 2day for 1st time...they feel a lot harder than my usual ball (pro v1)....my course is a bit boggy at moment and the ball doesn't run well, but with this ball I got a lot more distance 2day and makes a lovely sound off my driver (910 d2)....I flew a few shots into the green and they stopped lovely which gave me confidence in attacking the green...when I close chip I use an 8 or7 iron which is a good part of my game anyway so I cant tell u any different on this part sorry.... even putting with it felt great and felt I didn't need to give it a whack... overall I think its a great ball at mo as I played really well 2day with it and look forward to trying them next week and give u more feedback. ...thx STEVE CLIFFE

Bryan S

Received Test Balls yesterday 16/11/13. Used today and very pleased with my round. Played in a team stableford and if had been in an individual comp would be better than my handicap. Pleased with the distance and feel of the ball used. Used the test ball with number in black. Now have several winter league games to play and look forward to testing the new balls over a longer period.

Phill E

Thanks for the opportunity to test out balls for Titleist.  

Played a winter league game with one of the new balls over the weekend.  My initial thoughts are the ball seemed to offer more distance off the tee particularly with driver where I felt this added some 20 yards to my normal shot.  Strikes from the sweet spot of my 712 AP2 irons felt very solid with good feedback from the club and distance. 

Wedge shots offered good stopping spin on the greens and with soft wet greens and a good feel allowed me to attack some pins I would normally not have a go at. 

Because the ball offered a softer feel than my normal Pro V1x, along with slow running greens it took a while to get used to distance control with putter.

The ball looked in good condition following 18 holes of golf. 

My only negative point would be, I use the <test> logo on the ball for alignment at putts. I would like to see the logo or line longer to assist alignment further.  So when looking down on the ball you can see a clear line which can be lined up with the centre line on putter.  

All in all my initial impressions were very positive and I would certainly be interested to know what ball I tested and when these balls are available to purchase. 

Phill Ellis 

james a

David LM

Please leave all feedback here...Hi David just had 1st round with test balls and have been quite impressed, good control and spin around the greens, consistent length and trajectory with the driver. Good all round ball and no scuff marks on the cover at the end of the round.

many thanks

Jim Altoft



David TT

Mark O

chipping and putting with these balls are as good as ever, great feel and control.

Mark K

David LM

Please leave all feedback here...


David TT

Received two sleeves of three, one set with black numbers, one with red numbers. Played 14 holes with each ball, none showed any scuff marks etc. Unfortunately the fairways and greens were wet so there was very little roll on the fairways and it was difficult to judge the check on the greens. In my opinion the black numbered ball held a straighter line through the air when hit with the driver and felt similar to the Titleist Velocity. Both balls felt soft when chipping and putting. I would be happy to play and purchase these balls in the future. Thank you for selecting me, hope my comments are useful. Best regards Mark Kenyon

Stuart S

Dear David.

Many thanks foor asking me to participate

Tried the ball for the 1st time yeserday. Felt very solid off the club, as if the ball was really compressing on impact. I felt that it was low spin as the ball flight was really straight off both the drive's and fairway woods, I was really suprised how well it flew. the sound was a deep thump which was pleasing

The drive flight was not that high and there was little movement of the ball in the flight. sometimes with the srxn I get a waver in the 1st 1/3 of the ball flight. The test ball was really straight

Distance, maybe 5-10 yards more than I get normally, but no more,( drive is about 210 carry) this was against players (10 - 19 Hc) whom Ive been playing with each week, so the guage was reasonable

Chipping around the green the feel was soft and felt good, got no rattle at all through the club. I'd say it was better than the  srxn green I play with.( My strong point is chipping)

On putting the ball again felt soft and came off the head with a nice clunk on the long putts.

After 18 holes the ball may be good for only 1/2 or 1 round more as it has started to scuff up. I will use the same next week to see how it turns out, If I've still got them do you want them back?

Tried at the odd time to shape it R-L and found that difficult, I've had more chance with the srxn I'd been using, but will try again next week. as I was having a good round

On reflection I am really pleased with the ball though, through all the aspects from tee to green

Shot my best score ever at Bondhay GC, an 84 off 19 Hc, won the club medal on Sunday with its 1st outing so you can chalk that one up to Titliest.


Ps dropped it in the lake on the 18th and had to retrieve it, can you make them float next time!!!!