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Cameron E

I currently have a really old putter and am open to any pinions others have about what kind of putter to get i would like something with nice feel and control and thats not to difficult to use.

Any ideas ??



Hi Cameron

i have tried loads of putters over the last year. But it is a personal thing really.

i have used competitive putters too. But I have just bought a Scottie Cameron golo s putter and the feel of it is fantastic better than anything I have ever used to tried. So easy to maintain club head control. I am putting like a demon at the moment.

i would say that putting is not just the putter but routine too. But this putter gives so much confidence and milled face gives great impact control.

if I were looking I would definitely consider this club or one in the range. In a round of golf it is the most used club so well worth the investment.

My putter is here for life, now.

good luck as I have gone through the pain and cost but it was worth it. 

Hope this helps


john h

try the scotty cameron futura x dual balance with thicker grip which helps stability through the stroke it is easy to use hope this helps

Allan G

I'm a bit of a traditionalist and use a Studio Select Newport 2 with a Custom Ship mid-size grip. I love the clean look of that style of putter. As has already been pointed out though, putters are such a personal thing. One man's mean is another man's poison.

Speak to your local pro and try out different styles. 

Cameron E

Cheers Gitesh

thank you for the advice really helped and I am definitely going to consider getting one



Cam My previous putter had a Tiger Shark grip that was good, but I held off with the new scottie I bought. I would play the putter for a while before changing the grip. I have found that on faster greens the thick grips work better as there is not a large back swing required. But on slower greens the standard grip works better as you can have some wrist action. This is my opinion and works for me. So relate to courses that you are going to play and style. Good luck and would be interesting to see what putter you buy. Cheers Gitesh