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Titleist Velocity

I'm a relatively new golfer who tends to struggle a bit with crisp iron contact and the occasional drive that finds the rough. My typical score is...

Ball Fitting

Pro V

I am lucky to be in California where there are golf ball fittings available. Russ was very helpful with the Trackman Launch...

Ball Fitting

Ball fitting results

I've never had a ball fitting but I'm planning on doing it in March. Just wondering what is entailed and what results...

Ball Fitting

2017 ProV1x Distance

I was wondering which golf ball goes further. 2017 ProV1 or 2017 ProV1x. I would like to get as much distance as I can off...

Ball Fitting

Switch from V1 to X

I'm curious whether anyone that played the ProV (prior generation) has been fitted for the new ProV balls and if they...

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