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I have noticed now that I am exclusively using ProV1x balls my short game is getting relatively better. I no longer have to guess if a ball is going...

Golf Balls

Great Christmas

This past Christmas I received two dozen personalized Pro V1x balls. One dozen is a normal dozen, with my personalization on...

Golf Balls

Golf simulators

Hey Team! I'm itching to go out a play a round or 3 but since it's 20 degrees here and snowing I can't find a...

Golf Balls

Pro V1 - Need in Yellow

I play Pro V1 balls all the time and love. However in the winter with dormant Bermuda fairways I find a yellow ball is much...

Golf Balls

Winter Golf Ball

I recently got fitted for the best golf ball for my game, (i.e. Pro V1). What is the best golf ball for winter weather of...

Golf Balls

Personal logo

Hey all looking for some help for my custom pro v1. I am looking for a logo using my initials G B. I am artistically...

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