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Shortened Driver Shaft

Hello Team Titleist. With the new trend of shortened driver shafts on tour right now, a question came to my mind. Let's say you have a driver...

Golf Clubs

I Got Mine!

Here's my Team Titleist bag tag that surprised me in yesterday's mail! Also in the picture are my new SM6 Vokey...

Golf Clubs

Favorite Wedge

One of my favorite clubs. I've had this one in the club for many years. I use it for chipping around the green and for...

Golf Clubs

Paint Fill

Just want some suggestions on what kind of paint I should use to fill in the logo and iron numbers and such. Thanks

Golf Clubs

64 degree wedges

I used to use a sm5 56 degree wedge then went to a 60 degree when chipping or hitting greenside bunkers as my go to club. I...

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