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differences to expect

TT I am considering on moving from AP1s to AP2s but was wondering what differences I mighty expect such as distances , feel dispersion etc, Any...

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917 Driver

Just got fitted for a 917D3 driver over the weekend and ordered it Monday. I'm a huge believer in getting fit for all...

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Ap1 714

Just bought a 4 iron to fill in my 5 -- w set. I noticed that it does not have a serial number etched into the hosel. Should...

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New Driver

Hey Guy´s, i have one little question, i am searching for a new Driver. My old SLDR is pretty broke. What do you...

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A new driver in my bag!

Just picked up my new Titleist 917 D3!!! I finally got fit for a driver, first time ever. It was eye opening. I ordered the...

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