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Proper fitting for Driver

The USGA tests all new driver heads to ensure that the COR does not exceed acceptable standards. This means that the amount of spring in the...

Club Fitting

Weight needed

What is the swing weight of the 917 D2 standard length, Fujikura speeder pro TS64 and the 917 3-wood standard length,...

Club Fitting

Swing Weight

Just bought the 917D2 Driver with a Diamana Blue Stiff Flex (63 Gms.) shaft cut to 43 3/4 inch length and a 16 Gram weight...

Club Fitting

AP1 Iron shaft lengths

Hello TT, I need to replace a damaged shaft in an AP1 712 7 iron. Can you tell me what the shaft length should be for this...

Club Fitting

Shaft for my 917D3

Hi, So I currently have a 910D3 with a Diamana Kai'li 65 Mid Stiff Flex and I am looking to upgrade but want to make...

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