Titleist Gear Spotlight: New Tour Bag Debut and New Jet Black Collection Coming Soon!

New Titleist Tour Bags lined up for launch.

We’re happy to share some exciting news from the Titleist Gear Team! This past week, at The Northern Trust, Titleist Brand Ambassadors were spotted sporting a bold new look as they traversed the fairways at Liberty National. Their clubs and gear were stowed in the new Titleist Tour Bag, a contemporary bag with refined details and modern styling that has inspired an entire new selection of gear offerings that are coming soon – The Jet Black Collection.

We wanted to hear the whole story behind the Jet Black Collection, so we sat down with Sean Slater, Golf Gear Product Manager for Titleist, who told us about the origin of the new Tour Bag and how its features and design sparked the creation of the new Jet Black Collection.

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Titleist Brand Ambassador Charles Howell III on set at a photo shoot for the new Titleist Jet Black Tour Bag.

TEAM TITLEIST: A few Titleist Brand Ambassadors just got a sneak preview of the new Tour Bag. What were their first reactions?

SEAN SLATER:  We recently had a photoshoot with some of our Brand Ambassadors where they got to see the Tour Bag for the first time and their reactions were priceless. Many of the players had been asking for a fresh new look and we wanted to deliver. As with any other product launch, we put Tour player feedback at the top of our list, so it was very cool for them to see their input come to life in something like the new Tour Bag. The players were also very excited to see that from a construction standpoint, there were very few changes to the bag. We continue to receive positive feedback on the current Staff bag, so we wanted to ensure that we made the enhancements where necessary, but still evolved the design.

TT: Tell us about the new Jet Black colorway.

SEAN SLATER:  We wanted to make sure we created a meaningful update that was both bold and impactful. We looked at a number of different ways to block the bag using our colors and we really liked the white script popping off of black. Changing the large panel from white to black also gave the bag a very clean look. It was a small change that had a big visual impact, which was exactly what we were shooting for. We finished the bag by highlighting the large apparel pockets with red waterproof zippers and some embroidery around the new quilted hip-pads.

TT: The new Tour Bag also features a refined top cuff and several luxury enhancements. Can you tell us about these improvements?

SEAN SLATER:  On the new Tour Bag, the dividers didn’t change but we did implement a new, low-profile design. This was a Tour-inspired feature that we rolled out on the 2019 Players Collection to help accommodate short putters and is a welcomed change by the Tour players. The top cuff still includes integrated handles, but now has a little more curvature across the top.

Another objective of the new Tour Bag project was to give the bag a more refined, luxurious feel. The first thing we did was upgrade some materials. More specifically, the belly panel material which has been changed to a new premium synthetic that really helps embroidered names and logos pop. The other thing we did was highlight the hip pads and other areas with a premium quilted stitch detail that was inspired by some high-end car interiors.

 Amateur golfer using a new Players 4 StaDry golf bag from the Titleist Jet Black Collection

TT: At what point did you make the decision to extend the Jet Black concept to a whole new collection?

SEAN SLATER:  As soon as we decided to move forward with the Tour Bag, we knew it would extend throughout the bag line for 2020. Because of the feedback we receive on colors, especially from Team Titleist members, we always ensure that we include a colorway that aligns with the latest bag on Tour. New for 2020, we’ve tied some new product categories into the Jet Black collection, which looks awesome when you start to put some of the pieces together.

TT: What types of products will be included among the new Jet Black offerings?

SEAN SLATER:  The entire 2020 line will be available early next year, but this fall, Team Titleist members can look forward to exciting new Jet Black colorways on things like headcovers, travel gear and even umbrellas.

TT: Will Jet Black versions of the Midsize Bag or Players 4 Plus Stand Bag incorporate any of the luxury features found in the new Tour Bag?

SEAN SLATER:  Great question! We wanted to make sure that we added a little something special to the other bags in the Jet Black Collection. The Midsize bag is the little brother to the Tour bag and shares many features and benefits, including a newly added magnetic valuables pocket. Our Players bags in the Jet Black Collection will also include a premium ball pocket material, velour top cuffs and quilted hip pads – all derived directly from the Tour bag. Hybrid bags and our new line of Cart bags will also include some of the special features as well.

New Titleist headcovers from the Jet Black Collection

TT: What’s the first item from the Jet Black Collection that you’ll be putting into play?

SEAN SLATER:  I'm excited for the entire collection to launch so it is tough to pick just one. At the top of the list right right now for me, I'd have to say it will be the Players 4 Plus in the Jet Black colorway with the Team Titleist logo on the ball pocket and some matching headcovers.We have some new additions to the bag line coming out soon, so we’ll have to see what else gets added to the line up.  

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Thanks, Sean!  Check back soon for more information on the Jet Black Collection and we’ll keep you updated, too, as we learn more.