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Titleist Nears 50 Wins on Worldwide Tours During 2019-2020 Seasons

PGA TOUR Titleist topped the Workday Charity Open field in golf balls with 113 (72%), that is more than seven times the nearest competitor (16). Titleist was also...


Vokey SM8: The Benchmark

The name “Vokey” evokes a standard. No other wedge is crafted by the master. No other wedge is backed by the best R&D in the world. And no other wedge...


As Play Continues, Titleist Remains the Field Favorite Across Worldwide Tours

PGA TOUR:  Titleist topped the golf ball count with 114 players (73%), more than seven times the nearest competitor (15). Titleist was also the field favorite...

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Quick Poll: Do You Play Golf Related Video Games?

Hey Team Titleist, It's been a while since our last quick poll, so we thought we'd come to you all with a fun one. Today's topic... golf video games. We want to...

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Visor or Hat

What’s up y’all! How many TT members prefer playing with a Visor rather than a traditional cap!

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