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Golf Gear

Ready for golf

I Live up in the northeast just got hit with sum snow but me and my loyal ball retriever are ready for a tee time second...

Golf Gear


I noticed in the Titleist UK gear guide that they offered Snoods (Basically a tubular scarf). I was wondering if it's...

Golf Clubs

Shaft Upcharges

Who would I contact to find out how much the upcharge is for particular shafts if I were to order directly from Titleist?...

Golf Tips

Dipping through impact?

I am having trouble maintaining posture through my downswing and impact. I hit the ball solid, but it looks really weird. As...

The Clubhouse

Titleist Archive

Where's the Titleist Archive gone? Sure there's an area for certain previously manufactured equipment but it...

Club Fitting


I recently got fit for new Titleist AP3s. I however did not get fit for wedges. I got a 1.25 inch extension on my irons and I...

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