The Masters. 18 holes. 18 Titleist Brand Ambassadors & Golf Ball Loyalists

No. 1: "Always try to keep it below the hole there, which you are on most of the golf course." -

No. 2: "I try to hit a draw into a green off a downhill cut lie. The green's got lots of character." -

No. 3: "I've normally played it back and just hit a nice full shot in there, because you can't miss it short." -

No. 4: "Depending on where the tees are set up and pin, it's an easier shot onto the green using the back slope." -

No. 5: "My key to that hole is staying away from the bunkers. I'll hit a 3 wood out and have around a 7 iron in." -

No. 6: "It's probably a mid-iron par 3 ... I think that we're all happy if we walk out of there with a par." -

No. 7: "It's a tight tee shot, so I hit a lower stinger driver. The front-middle pin you can be really aggressive with." - Sean O'Hair

No. 8: "Go for it in two, it's one of the holes that you want to try and take advantage of... " -

No. 9: "It's a pretty challenging hole, usually plays downwind and a little bit shorter than what the yardage indicates..." -

No. 10: "I like to get it down to the flat so I can have a chance at birdie … but I never feel bad walking away with a four." -

No. 11: "It’s a driver as far as I can to get it down there and then just a solid iron into the right side of the green." -

No. 12: "Anytime you make a three there you're pretty happy to go to the 13th hole." - Adam Scott

No. 13: "My favorite hole. It's a very quiet, tranquil, peaceful part of the golf course that is unique to Augusta National." -

No. 14: "You want to hit a drive down the right center. Anything left gets caught behind the trees, that's a difficult 2nd shot." - Kevin Na

No. 15: "You either lay up or go for it. It's the epitome of a risk, reward, par 5." -

No. 16: "Back left're landing it short right and trying to use the contour of the green to work it back there." -

No. 17: "I will try to cut it short onto that green, trying to hold the ball as soon as possible." - Pro V1 loyalist Jose Maria Olazabal

No. 18: "It looks intimidating but it's a good tee shot for me because I like to move the ball left to right." -