Scotty's Stories: Vibration Dampening

For more than twenty years, Scotty Cameron has experimented with different putter making materials, constantly improving the feel of his putter creations. Feel in a putter is a function of both the sound of the golf ball coming off the putter face and the vibrations that travel up through the shaft and grip into the player's hands. It's hard to define in measurable, scientific terms, but as Scotty told us, great feel in a putter is both soft and solid.

In this latest installment of Scotty's Stories, Scotty shares the details behind one of his earliest innovations in feel, an elastomer membrane that Scotty used as a vibration dampener in his 1997 Teryllium models. The advances in these striking "domino" putters blazed the trail for the new, high-tech vibration dampening membrane you'll find in Scotty's 2016 Select putters today. This technology fuses the face inlay to the stainless steel body for a perfect bond that delivers unrivaled feel and responsive feedback, inspiring confidence in every putt.

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