Take your Game to a Better Place Sweepstakes: Meet the Grand Prize Winner

We are very excited to introduce to you Richard Knight the winner of the 'Take Your Game to a Better Place' Sweepstake who bought the winning poker chip from Manor of Groves Golf Club. 

Richard Knight and his wife will be flying out to Fairhaven for an unforgettable experience. 

Let's have a look what they will be getting up to...

Firstly, they will head to Manchester Lane Testing Facility where they will enjoy a Tour Fitting Experience with our team of expert fitters. Once the fitting is complete, we'll be building Richard a complete bag of all the latest high performance Titleist equipment. Following this Richard and his wife will head to our Titleist Headquarters to receive a tour taking a look at the Research and Development that goes into making the #1ballingolf. 

It doesn't stop there... 

There will be a behind the scenes Tour of Ball Plant III where they will see how the Pro V1 and Pro V1x are made from start to finish. To finish the trip Richard will be heading to Rhode Island Country Club teeing it up with his shiny new clubs.

We'll be sure to share some of the highlight's from Richard's trip so make sure you stay tuned to our social channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

Thanks to everyone that entered the sweepstakes and putting their trust in the #1ballingolf.

Congrats once again to Richard, we look forward to welcoming you to the home of Titleist. 

Here's a few words from Richard ahead of his trip: 

What was your first reaction to being told you had won?

I thought cool, I've won some balls. Having been filming the day before and not getting to bed until 2am my head was a little fuzzy. It wasn't until I started to listen to Matt and what he was telling me that things started to get a bit exciting. Then the Shock and disbelief kicked in... I had to rush home and google everything I could find about the competition including Matt's name, I even called Titleist UK and asked if he worked there.I was so worried about it being a scam or something. I'd forgotten just how big the prize was and my head was spinning!

How excited are you about the trip?

Other than my kids being born and getting married its the next biggest event in my life! To say I'm excited would be a huge understatement! I've played Titleist balls all my life since starting as a junior aged 13 so this really is a dream come true!

What made you want to enter?

I got an email about the competition from my club pro,  I loved the idea of the Poker chip and wanted one. I needed a fresh supply of Pro V1s so emailed my pro to ask if he had the Poker chips in stock. Next day I was up at the club and bought 12!

Is there any one area that you are most looking forward to?

Seeing the R&D place and the Golf Ball Plant really interests me. I've always wondered how the balls are made ever since a child and pulling them apart to find the rubber band core... which I'm guessing now has been replaced!

Can you tell us why you choose Titleist golf balls?

I've played Titleist balls since being a serious junior. Right through the days of 'smiley faces' in the Balata balls when you hit them thin. At the time people like Nick Faldo and Seve were my heros. I always assumed they played Titleist and I wanted to follow them and have the best.