Team Titleist Panel Recap: Vokey Wedges - Always Grinding

Team Titleist digital panels continue to gain momentum as we hosted our 4th exclusive discussion with the Vokey team this past week. After successful sessions discussing Golf Ball Innovation, Iron Development, and Golf Gear R&D, we thought catching up with Vokey Wedges would be timely with their new SM8 wedges gaining serious traction on Tour. 

Jeremy Stone (Vokey Wedges Marketing Director) played host as he facilitated questions to Kevin Tassistro (Director of Wedge R&D), and Aaron Dill (Director of Wedge Relations) to take #TeamTitleist deep into their world. Learn what it takes to create the reigning #1 wedge on Tour as the team discusses SM8's game-changing technology, grooves impact on spin, grain, bounce, and a whole lot more. Panel participants were also the first golfers to learn that the T Grind is now available for purchase through Vokey WedgeWorks.

As always, we recorded the session and curated the following highlight reel in a Youtube playlist for your enjoyment.

Here are the top 3 videos from the discussion below. Want to see more? You can view all video highlights here:

How Wedge Finish (Color) Impacts Spin:

Inspiration Behind SM8:

Dill Introduces WedeWorks T Grind: