The Players' Choice: Team Titleist on Pro V1 and Pro V1x

The new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls have  been in play for a few months now. Team Titleist members as well as Tour Players are testing and playing both the new V and X and they're making their choice.

Read on to hear what players are saying...

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  • Joe F: “Played my new Pro V1x's and Pro V1's today and I was killing them. Has anyone else had as much luck with them as me? I highly recommend them ... You're missing out if you haven't played them already. They are something special.”
  • Don O: “The penetrating flight of the new Pro V1 is different than the higher launch with the 2015 Pro V1x, and  it is surprisingly long. I like the softer feel (of Pro V1) around the greens.”
  • James H: “I used to be a V player until a couple of years ago when I switched to the X as I felt it gave me a bit more distance. Having tried the new V1, felt I retained the distance with the longer clubs (that I am used to getting with X) and got back the slightly softer feel with the shorter shots.”
  • Robert R: “I received four of the new Pro V1x. I used them in the last two rounds. Their performance was spectacular. I am one month short of 70. My current handicap is 6. My best handicap ever was 0. I beat my handicap by 7 shots...embarrassing good...I've added about 7 yards off the tee and the ball flies higher and stops well."

  • Chris P: “A devoted Pro V1x player for many years, I've played the new X & V side by side my last 3 rounds, I must say the Pro V1 has found its way into my bag.”

  • Steve M: “The new 2017 V1 just excites me. It appears to maintain the soft feel but has the bonus of potential lower spin and longer distance off of the tee. A win/win combo! ”

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  • Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott: “I think the remarkable thing with the new Pro V1 is how far it goes now. I’m hitting it longer than I ever have but I also have that soft feel like when I grew up playing a balata golf ball – it’s incredibly soft.”

    “The flight with the new Pro V1 is exactly what I'm looking for. It just wants to stay up in the air with that penetrating ball flight. That’s a really nice feeling when I can ease back on a shot and the ball flight I’m looking for, even when it’s into the wind.”
  • Titleist golf ball loyalist Rickie Fowler: “The X and the V are two awesome options. You want your golf ball to work well in every part of the game, but the reason I’m in the V is because it spins less with irons and it doesn’t spin too much with the wedges. I can keep the spin down so it’s a lot easier to flight down into the wind and control distances that way.

    “Feel is everything. The Pro V1 feels soft but not too soft. It has that solid feel. The golf ball is obviously a very important piece and it has to feel good for everything else to work, too.”

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  • Titleist Brand Ambassador Jordan Spieth: “I put new Pro V1x in play in Australia and in the first week we won. What I noticed immediately was the improved flight. It held its line in the crosswinds better. A couple shots that were going off line stayed closer to the fairway or closer to the green, which allowed me to save par when I may have been in trouble. Golf is a game of misses. When you mishit one, if it’s not really going as far off line, that makes a significant difference for us, and it makes even more of a difference for amateurs.”
  • Titleist Brand Ambassador Jimmy Walker: “For me, it’s the new Pro V1x. It performs consistently from day to day and especially on flighted shots into the wind. That’s where you really want your golf ball to work the way you need it to work for you. The affirmation is that Pro V1x came out where I was looking, had the flight I was looking for, had the shape. That’s everything. You know as a player when you put the correct swing on and then it’s very nice to know that the ball is going to do what you wanted it to.”

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Thanks to all of the Team Titleist members and players for their feedback! And don't forget, to play your best there's no substitute for a proper golf ball fitting. We always recommend comparing the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x out on the golf course, side by side. This is the best way to explore which golf ball is going to help you get the most out of your individual game. When you play the right golf ball, your shot execution will improve and you will shoot lower scores.

Check out our Titleist Golf Ball Fitting section to learn more about our fitting philosophy and to find a fitting event near you.

Have you been fit for the new Pro V1 or Pro V1x? Share your insights with us on Team Titleist.