Titleist Golf Tips: Controlling Distance on Your Bunker Shots

When we first start playing golf, bunker play can be a big challenge. Opening the club face feels foreign and the idea of intentionally hitting behind the ball is strange. In the early going, it's an accomplishment to just get the ball out of the sand.

But as our games improve, we raise our expectations. Now we want to get out of the bunker AND leave ourselves a reasonable chance of making a one-putt. Taking our bunker game to this new level requires an ability to control the distances of our bunker shots — no easy task.

Do we swing harder? Take more club? Hit closer to the ball? Ask ten golfers and you might get ten different answers, but for a proven recipe for success, we reached out to Titleist Staff Member James Sieckmann, and he shares his tried-and-true method in this latest Titleist Golf Tip.