What Players Are Saying About the New TruFeel Golf Ball

 Amateur golfer tosses a new Titleist TruFeel golf ball in the air

Earlier this year, you may have been among a large group of Team Titleist members who played an important role in our golf ball development process. Leading up to the launch of our new TruFeel golf ball, we sent TruFeel sample sleeves to 7,500 TT members and asked you to put the new balls to the test. Player testing such as this is one of the crucial finals steps in validating the quality and performance of every new Titleist golf ball offering.

Designers and engineers in Titleist Golf Ball R&D created TruFeel to provide quality and performance worthy of the Titleist script in a product geared specifically to golfers for whom soft feel is a top priority. Their mission was to re-imagine every aspect of golf ball construction, finding ways to enhance soft, responsive feel in every element, from core to cover.

So how did we do? We reached back out to our large group of TruFeel testers and asked that very question in a detailed anonymous feedback survey. Read on to hear what Team Titleist members are saying, in their own words, about the new TruFeel golf ball...

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 Word Cloud showing some of the words amateur golfers have used in describing TruFeel golf ball performance

Soft Feel

  • “Just tried them yesterday. Great feel. Stopped on greens quickly.”
  • “The TruFeel ball feels a lot better than any other ball.”
  • “Better feel. Which made my confidence better.”
  • “Found that the Titleist TruFeel was extremely soft when hitting into greens. Feel is a huge part of my game and with these new balls it was the softest golf ball ever. They made a nice sound on hits. Spin was superb.”
  • “The ball feels a lot better than any other ball.”
  • “I felt I had more control and room for error. The ball came off the face softer and landed smoother with not a ton of roll. Running off fast greens wasn't such an issue."
  • “I prefer the TruFeel compared to the Cally Supersoft. It is not as marshmallow soft as the Supersoft, which I liked. I felt I had more control over the shot. I did not feel like I would leave it short.”

Amateur golfers about to tee off with the new TruFeel golf balls

Short Game Performance

  • “Just tried them yesterday. Great feel. Stopped on greens quickly.”
  • “For the first time I was able to hit the green and the ball essentially stopped where I hit it. In the past with the Cally Supersoft I had to take into account the roll after the ball hit the green.“
  • “Really liked the new TruFeels. Seem to have a bit better ball control on the greens with my wedges.”
  • “The TruFeel ball provided for me exceptional control where I needed it most. The short chip shots and longer pitches felt laser guided.”
  • “I felt I had more control and room for error. The ball came off the face softer and landed smoother with not a ton of roll. Running off fast greens wasn't such an issue."
  • “I love the red line for putting.”
  • “Great spin and always stops on a dime.”
  • “I particularly loved this golf ball for shots within 100 yards, 8 iron to sand wedge. The ball stopped nicely on the green. Better than the Titleist DT TruSoft. Someone gave me the Callys, but I actually prefer Titleist.”
  • “Finally got the ball to back up on the green! Been playing for 20 years.”

The alignment aid that appears on the sidestamp of the new Titleist TruFeel golf ball

Distance and Overall Performance

  • “I played 18 holes today, 9/30/19, used the Titleist TruFeel balls you sent me. Absolutely love them. Never thought I would change from my Cally Super Soft balls but the next time I buy balls it will be the Titleist TruFeel. Got more distance off the tee & with my irons. Great feeling balls off any club. A++++++++!”
  • I liked the feel and sound of the TruFeel better and think the distance was slightly better. I think the TruFeel tended to minimize my tendency to fade the ball on longer irons and hybrids”
  • “Pleasantly surprised on the distance off the driver and irons, given the soft feel model. I like the flight off the driver and the stopping power on the greens.”
  • “The soft feel, and better control gave me more confidence on closer shots. Played more toward the hole rather then trying to guess where it was going to roll and stop.”
  • “I played 2 balls on drives, shots greater than 100 and shots less than 60 yards. The Titleist was far superior than the Cally.”
  • “What I found with the Titleist TruFeel was that I had more confidence in the short game and off the driver. The approaches to the green stopped where I wanted the ball to stop and I saw about a 5 yard difference on my driver. And for someone who is not the longer hitter from the box the 5 yards made a big difference in club selection for approaching the green. I am excited to play these again this weekend. Thank you for including me in the testing.”
  • “The ball exploded off my driver, fairway wood, and hybrids better than the DT TruSoft I generally use. It gave me similar performance to the Tour Soft and Pro V1 without feeling "clunky " on my wedges or putter. I think I may have found my new most favorite golf ball.”
  • “This ball seemed to let me be more consistent with the distance closer to the hole. More one putts and pars saved.”
  • “This TruFeel ball has blown my mind I will be putting this ball in my bag. I love it.”

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Thanks to all of the Team Titleist members and players for their feedback!

Have you had a chance to play the new TruFeel golf ball? Share your insights with us in the TruFeel Discussion Thread on the Team Titleist Clubs Forum.