WhereAbouts | The SWAT


"The SWAT is the best game in the States, maybe the world, because it creates such great camaraderie amongst everybody."

This is how Team Titleist member Chick Wagner describes the game that has been played at Oakmont Country Club for more than a generation. In fact, written records of The SWAT go back to the 1950's, logged in time-worn, Oakmont-green ledgers.

The SWAT is a season-long event in which golfers phone in to participate and are assembled into teams of four (sometimes five when necessary), consisting of an A, B, C and D player. Each team plays one best ball of the foursome, match-play format, against every other team in the field. No handicaps are used.

Each individual player's score is also recorded, which helps the SWAT committee create more evenly-matched teams throughout the course of the year. Creating fair teams is serious business, as the SWAT is a betting game. We saw results listed in the SWAT ledgers showing teams that had won and lost 90 ways on certain days!

So, shuffling teams throughout the year is an important way to even things out and ensure that the main objective of the SWAT is always achieved - elevating the competitive spirit of the club and strengthening friendships between Oakmont's avid golfers.

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