Meet Will Harvey. Vokey European Tour Rep.

Will has always had a passion for sport. With the encouragement of his Grandfather, and an early established love of the game, he decided to pursue a career in Golf. After a number of years trying his hand at mini tour golf and a few visits to Tour School, Will decided to dedicate himself to helping others improve through club fitting. Working with Titleist on the full bag fitting experience, Will soon established himself as an expert in the short game side of this fitting.

When Titleist created a wedge specific fitting role, it was perfect for Will and gave him an opportunity to spend some time with Bob Vokey and Aaron Dill to focus on all things short game and the nuances of wedge fitting full time. This ultimately led to Will becoming Bob’s go to man on the European Tour.


Life on Tour

Will works relentlessly to ensure the European tour stars and upcoming players in the game all have the best equipment for the demanding conditions of the world wide tour. From Desert to Links, the players optimise their wedge set up to maximise their scoring potential. “The alterations to grind we can provide for a player can make all the difference to their game. All of the players at this level are highly talented and helping them unlock that potential through the right grind is what really excites me. The ‘Ah ha’ moment, as Voke calls it, is what I look forward to every time I work with a player.”

Using this experience from working with the best players in the world, Will is able to provide insight to the Vokey design team ensuring players at all levels are catered for through the WedgeWorks program with grinds and bounces best suited to their local conditions. A prime example of this is the recently released T Grind offering available in WedgeWorks.

"I’ve had players say they feel like they can hit any shot with the T – the combination of the forward bounce for low pitch shots and the grind for the soft control shots is something needed with the vast amount of shots required on links or firmer course setup."  -Will Harvey  

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