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Vokey 46 vs MB PW??


I'm looking into getting new irons and I'm wondering if I should get the vokey 46 rather than sticking with the stock pw... Any suggestions

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  1. Darron K

    Me personally, I would keep the MB P and get Vokey SM6 52°, 56° & 60°.
  2. Kris A

    I went to a Vokey 46 this year and love it!!!
  3. BR

    I have 4-pw in the MB's then 52 , 56 and 60
  4. Hatch

    I'd say its mostly personal preference but if you wear out the PW quickly compared to the other irons then I'd go with the Vokey 46/48.

    I guess it would depend on how you use your PW.. I personally carry 2PWs in my 4 wedge set, AP2-45°, and vokey sm5 48°bent to 49°. The AP2 is my 140 yard club, my sm5 spins so much it wont carry more than 125 yds. So it's perfect for chipping fast & firm greens because i know it make my PROv1x check up no matter what. Good luck..
  6. Milo B

    I changed from the MP-5 PW to the SM6 46* F.
    In June, and never looked back.
    I kept the 46* stock shaft in, thought I would have to change over to the 6.0 shaft in. Never did, and gained 5 to 8 yards from the fairway.
  7. Dakota B

    I use a Vokey 46.
  8. ERodriguez

    That's the set up I have now with the 714s and SM4s
  9. Mike C

    I think it really comes down to how you use the club. For me, the PW is used generally as a full shot club so I prefer it to match the remainder of my irons. I move into the Vokeys for shots that require much more feel and for shots where I tend to vary the swing speed and face angle more to hit a desired type of shot.

    I game the cb's 3-pw and have switched to a 46* adjusted to a 47* vokey sm6 f grind and I love it. Have more control and like the spin I get off the vokey wedge more. Personally I'm happy with my switch.
  11. Chris 13

    I play 714s and went to the 46* Bob Voke this season. I like the improved accuracy but it took some time to adjust from losing 5 yds (135 vs 140 with the the stock P wedge). In the end I would recommend the 46*.
  12. ERodriguez

    Thanks for the feedback guys!!!
  13. Brian J

    I debated the same when I got my 716 AP2. I bent my 48 to 46 to go with 52,56 and 60 and went with 4-9. I feel more comfortable with the Volkey SM5 in hand inside 140.
  14. spickett

    Vokey spins too much for me to get enough carry. Also inherently doesn't fly quite as far. I stuck with MB PW and then vokey 48 because I hit about 10 yard difference between them.
  15. TUser

    I think it all comes down to personal preference. I play ap2 irons and opted for the Vokey 46 wedge. I think the Vokey has a little bit more feel than the standard wedge that comes with the set.
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